It all started in 1992 with the unfortunate, yet, unstoppable down sizing of the largest inland operator of crew boats, Lafayette Crewboats. Although the outcomes of this disappointing loss were extensive, a tremendous opportunity arose for the development of a smaller; family owned and operated company, Acadian Marine Transmission, Inc. In lieu of the circumstances, we at Acadian were privileged to gain maximum experience and knowledge in the oil and gas industry through the operation of those 65 crew boats owned by Lafayette Crewboats. Due to this advantage, we have become proficient in the repairing and overhauling of all Allison Marine transmissions and many related products.

As many people are well aware, Allison has discontinued all production of marine transmissions. As a result, this prompted us to fulfill any and all needs of the many businesses still relying on these dependable products, which to this day remain on demand. Here at Acadian, rebuilt/exchange transmissions, new parts and used parts are just some of the products and services we provide. For those businesses requiring non-Allison Marine transmission parts, we offer an ever expanding inventory of many quality bands which include ZF, Twin Disc, Velvet Drive and many others.

Here at Acadian, our primary goal is to satisfy our customer's needs. With this in mind, we would like to reassure everyone that if we are not currently carrying a specific item in our inventory, we are always willing to locate, retrieve and stock those items whenever possible.

Together our prolific machine shop and our fully stocked warehouse, the trained professionals, here at Acadian, are eager to assist you with any and all of your businesses needs.

From all of us here at Acadian Marine Transmission, Inc., we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our current customers and future customers who are relying on us for all your marine transmission parts and services.

Karl Lemmon

Brian Lemmon
Service & Sales Manager